I have been building musical instruments since 1974. Currently I’m only building what I’m most interested in building, which is the most responsive and powerful classical guitars it’s possible to build. Please see the current projects page(s) to see the most current project. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me. Be aware that I often play an instrument for several months and may revise it considerably before being done with it.

“I wanted to tell you what an incredible guitar this is! Never heard such an evenly balanced instrument. … it plays like a dream … The design features you’ve incorporated are unique, and more importantly, functional. You’ve truly got it dialed in.”

“… That striped ebony steel string really blew me away!  It had such a big, rich sound on the bass strings, but it’s got a body the size of a classical. You’ve got a gerbil in a wheel powering a subwoofer inside the thing, right? …”

— Unsolicited comments from players about the C.F. Morrison guitars