Prices and Custom builds

Base pricing

Base prices for Classical and steel string acoustic guitars:
     All solid top guitars start at US$3000
     Double top (Nomex) guitars start at US$4000
     Brazilian Rosewood guitars start at US$5000 (US sales only)

Base instruments include:
     Hard shell case
     Classical guitars – Rubner tuning machines
          Cedar top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Gabon Ebony fretboard
          650mm scale, fretboard side dots @ 5, 7, 9, 12, 17 & 19 frets
          Double top classical guitars – Cedar/Nomex/Cedar
                Diamond “spider” bracing on Double top guitars
          20 gram or less bridge
          C.F. Morrison™ rosette
     Acoustic guitars – Shaller or Gotoh tuning machines
          Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Mun Ebony fretboard
     Water borne high gloss finish.

Custom guitars

I seldom build custom guitars. I’m past the point where I need the business. However, if your project interests me I may consider building it for you. Email me a description of what you have in mind and I’ll get back to you with a quote.