2024 is the 50th anniversary of C. F. Morrison guitars !
The C. F. Morrison guitars showroom is at at 130 N Grande Ave, Pullman WA Next to the RTOP Theatre. Hours are Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, noon to 6pm.

Offering high quality handmade guitars by C. F. Morrison. These guitars are built by Chuck (C.F.) Morrison. Each instrument is played for at least a month and voiced for live acoustic performance before delivery.

-NEW- short scale (632mm), full size classical guitars

Chuck Morrison brings over 40 years of experience playing, researching, building and selling acoustic and classical guitars. Over the course of decades he has developed designs and techniques that make the current iteration C. F. Morrison classical guitars among the loudest and most evenly balanced instruments available anywhere. Check out Chuck’s YouTube channel or this page to hear some samples.

“I wanted to tell you what an incredible guitar this is! Never heard such an evenly balanced instrument. … it plays like a dream … The design features you’ve incorporated are unique, and more importantly, functional. You’ve truly got it dialed in.”

“… That striped ebony steel string really blew me away!  It had such a big, rich sound on the bass strings, but it’s got a body the size of a classical. You’ve got a gerbil in a wheel powering a sub-woofer inside the thing, right? …”

— Unsolicited comments from players about C.F. Morrison guitars